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All Debt Solutions, Inc. is a debt collection agency located in Milford, MA. Our fantastic team has cumulative decades of experiences collecting for great organizations like yours.

To us, our clients are real people who haven’t been paid for their hard work. This is never acceptable. Making sure that our great clients are treated fairly and paid promptly is the mission we carry-out every day.


ADS uses a wide variety of industry-leading tools to provide a unique collections solution for every client. Product diversity means there is no one-size-fits-all policy; every client has unique needs that we answer individually.

Client specific talk-offs

Every client has different preferences for how we interact with their accounts. ADS incorporates your values into our collection talk-offs.
Additionally, we maximize account recovery rate by analyzing industry trends and augmenting our talk-offs accordingly. 
Every contact we make aims to move your accounts toward payment.

Diverse toolbox

We have a powerful toolbox of modern, industry-leading solutions that ramp up collection rates.
Some solutions might not be best for your particular situation, but having options is a must.
We offer comprehensive skip tracing with TLOxp, a certified pre-collection letter program for qualifying clients and much more.

Adaptive admin

Besides making the entire process easy for you to use, ADS also adapts to your preferred admin style.
Our client access portal allows you to view the status of any account, anytime however, we are always happy to hear from you and give personalized updates.

Ease of use

ADS prioritizes making the collections process effective and easy. We offer a fluid, all-in-one client portal, monthly remittance and responsive support.

Getting started is easy as…well, you know.

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All-in-one client portal

Our web-based client application provides easy point-and-click account management. Contact us now to learn more!

Monthly remittance

You’ve waited long enough to be paid. All Debt Solutions remits to our clients every month.

Responsive support

We are always attentive to our clients. We make sure you never lack the information you need.


We make it as simple and cost-effective for you
to use our services as possible.

Flat %

All Debt Solutions, Inc. works from a flat contingency fee structure. Our standard rate is a % of the money that is actually collected.  If we don’t collect your money, we don’t get paid!

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ADS is a well-respected agency with cumulative decades of experience in the debt collection industry.

Established Agency

ADS has decades of experience collecting for companies like yours. We’re also proud members of the NECA and ACA International.

Contingency Fee

There is no charge for accounts that we have not collected. The only time we get paid is when you get paid.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Licensed, bonded & insured

ADS maintains the appropriate licensing and insurance obligations. We are also fully compliant with all major regulations including the FDCPA and HIPAA.


All Debt Solutions, Inc. proudly works with hundreds of outstanding organizations. Our clients span all types of industries from financial institutions to independent contractors.

To us, our clients are real people who haven’t been paid for their hard work. This is never acceptable. Making sure that our great clients are treated fairly and paid promptly is the mission we carry-out every day.


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Mini miranda: This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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