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We believe that it’s only fair that you get paid for your hard work – placing unpaid accounts in collections is the right thing to do.

At ADS we feel that by helping you receive what is owed and by insisting that you are treated fairly, we are doing the right thing too.

Thank you again for the trust you place in us every day to see this mission through.

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All Debt Solutions, Inc.

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Please reach us by using any of the contact methods listed below. We will respond promptly and completely to resolve your question or concern.

Call us

Please call if you have a question, need an update or just want to say hello.

Email us

Email us for common situations that need a paper trail.

Fax us

Send important account information or place brand new ones.



Useful tools that can help make the collections process even easier. Please let us know if there’s something we’re missing!

A simple form for sending accounts with the correct information.

A reference sheet for clients using our pre-collection letter program.

A reference sheet for clients using our direct collection services.

A form that can be completed to provide account update information.

A example financial agreement between you and your client/patient that will allow us to collect.


Thorough answers to our clients’ most common questions. If information is missing, please let us know so we can update this list.

General questions

You will need to update us by navigating to the account on you portal dashboard and selecting the ‘Report Payment’ option or, you can email us.

We would need to know the full payment amount, the date of payment, any remaining amount owed, and also if this was a settlement.

The easiest way to update account information is to login to your portal dashboard, navigate to the account in question, and select the ‘Edit Account’ option.

You are also welcome to give us a call and we can update the account for you manually.

First, confirm to the individual in question that we are representing you.

Second, refer them back to us so that we can handle the collections process on your behalf. That’s what we’re here for!

We will send you a mailed statement every month. This statement will include a list of all the payments we have collected along with your check.

You can upload the document to the account via the portal, or you can scan a copy and send it over to us.

To see a full list of accounts placed with us you can login to your portal dashboard, select CAW Reports tab then select the ‘Complete Inventory’ option.

You can also email us and we can provide a full list for you.

Portal support

This is most likely a password issue. Please call or email us so that we can reset your password.

After logging into your dashboard, select the CAW Inquiry Tab. Then type account information on the left hand side under ‘Inquiry Options’.

To find a full list of status values, select the CAW Reports tab, then select the ‘Status Descriptions’ option.

After logging into your dashboard, Select the Placements tab, then select the ‘Continue’ option. Now you can fill in the form with the information you have available.

Yes, you can upload multiple accounts at once via Excel. 


All Debt Solutions always follows the appropriate regulatory legislation when collecting your accounts. We are permitted to call an individual twice within any seven day period.

The status of any given account is variable, and we may or may not decide to call the maximum permitted amount.

Sometimes an account can be difficult to locate. We use the highest professional application, TLOxp, to locate new phone numbers and addresses to make sure we can speak with the responsible party.

Settlements are offered only if the account has a legitimate and provable reason to settle.

We recommend setting a percentage that you are comfortable with us settling for on our own. If an account wants to settle below this threshold, we will notify you of the offer and provide our recommendation.

Oftentimes, someone who is struggling to pay one bill is actually struggling to pay many bills.

We offer payment plans to consumers based on their personal financial situation, the total amount owed, and the individuals history with honoring promises to pay.


In almost all cases, in order to add any type of additional fee, it must be explicitly agreed upon in the original contract. As a general rule, collection agencies don’t add these fees themselves. If you would like to add these fees, we offer a free review of your customer agreement to determine if it can be done.

We work with a large network of debt collection attorneys who assist us with your accounts. If you are interested in taking legal action please contact us for more information.

We will attempt to collect your judgment; do not hesitate to assign these accounts to collections. Be sure to notate that the account in question is a judgment and we will proceed accordingly.

We recommend to immediately cease contact & collections efforts. If you have already assigned the account in question to us, please be sure to notify us as soon as possible.

More often than not if the customer has filed bankruptcy they will be discharged from the obligation and no longer owe.

If you have a legitimate reason to fight for the obligation we can connect you with a bankruptcy attorney.


Honest messages from our clients help us balance malicious reviews and present ourselves more accurately.


If you think we would be a good match for someone you know, please don’t hesitate to send them our way!

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